Here's a few of my side-projects i've built in my spare time. You can find some of the source code along with other projects on my GitHub and my GitLab. Also check out my Google Play.


A static site generated from data scraped automatically from my personal Trello 'Projects' board
Trello Swimlanes
View a breakdown of Trello cards by board with a 'swimlane' view
Raspberry Pi Mini-Dashboard
A small dashboard that integrates with Trello
Pokemon TCG Notifier
Receive notifications for new "Pokemon trading card game" sets
My blog with some tech tips

Android Apps

Stardew Valley Bundle Tracker
Track progress in the popular game 'Stardew Valley'
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide
Helper app for the game "Dragon Quest Builders 2"
Mario Odyssey Moon Guide
Helper app for the game: Super Mario Odyssey
Planning Poker
Scrum planning poker app built for android.

Game Dev

Rogue Dungeon
A RogueLike RPG game I've been developing
Better Signs - Stardew Valley Mod
Mod for the game 'Stardew Valley' that adds Quality of Life improvements to in game Sign objects
Nonograms/Picross puzzle video game
AND-bot Maze Game
A weekly coding challenge

Misc. Tech

KeePass Password Breach Checker
Integrates with KeePass & securely checks if any passwords have been breached


QuizTime (R&D)
University PoC to show how tech can assist in educational
Nintendo DS Mini-game collection
A mini-game collection for the Nintendo DS

Chrome Extensions

Trello card numbers
Display a unique card ID on Trello cards that you can use to easily reference the card
Chrome Bug Button
A proof of concept created for a large call centre so that they could submit bugs quickly and easily from within their browser
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